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My family tree is now online. Yes, thanks to some great open source software and a great web hosting company, I've managed to get my family tree online. You can view it here: You'll need to register to see anything about living people, and if you're related, I can give you access to add and edit information, too. I hope you'll take a moment to check it out!

Also: I work on the Clark County Wisconsin web site with a group known affectionately as the "History Buffs." The web site is at We have amassed a large amount of free information as we try to preserve the history of Clark County. Check it out. Use the "Google" search box there to find your ancestors. If you have anything to contribute, mail me and I'll get it posted--I'm one of the webmasters for some of the townships. And, if you have a few extra bucks, why not make a donation, the group it totally non-profit, and any money is used to buy library equipment, help support some of the area museums, and the like

For the past several years, I've been dabbling in amateur genealogy.  I've found a few interesting things about my heritage that I'd like to share:

All my relatives came to the United States from Poland and its environs in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Among the town I konw they are from are:
  • Pieczkowo, near Poznan.
  • Ludzmierz, by the Carpathian mountains southeast of Krakow.
  • Skalat, in what is now Ukraine.

Historical Documents 

Here I have copies of various historical documents.  Many are scans of copies. They include a will from 1930, obituaries, and even a Baptismal Certificate from 1879. Here's what I have so far:

  • A copy of my great-grandfather's (George Konieczny) will, written in 1930, seven days before he died.  Handwritten and witnessed by my grandfather, and signed by both. Certainly not a formal document, but quite interesting nonetheless.
  • A copy of his (George Konieczny's) citizenship papers, dated 1896 from Ramsey County, Minnesota.
  • A copy of the Baptismal Certificate of my grandfather, Frank Konieczny, from 1879 in Pieczkowo, Poland.
  • A copy of George Konieczny's obituary, from January, 1930.
  • A copy of the obituary of my grandfather, Frank Konieczny, from 1978.
  • A copy of the obituary of my grandmother, Sophie Haider Konieczny, from 1956.
  • A copy of the obituary of my Aunt, Margaret Konieczny Rohland, from 1981.


I've taken many tombstone photos, and they are here!  To see the list of names, go the the individual cemetery page.  The cemeteries I have photos from are:

Note that the images may take a bit of time to download if you are on a slow connection.  Be patient!


  • Unfortunately, I lack lots of hard "evidence," so to speak, but have lots of family lore to rely on, and the "hard evidence" is slowly growing.  If you have anything to contribute, e-mail me!
  • If you'd like to view my family tree and what I have to far, click here to go to and you'll find all I have so far.  Please, if you have any additional info or a correction, e-mail me now! Note that I have stopped updating information on sites like those because they have become big business "subscription" web sites. You can always email me for updated information, however!

Here are some of the surnames I'm researching, or that are predominant in my family tree::

  • Konieczny
  • Haider
  • Niklewicz
  • Symbol or Symbal or Cymbal
  • Szczech
  • Sopiarz
  • Kucharski
  • Suszczynski
  • Gutowski
  • Slowiak
  • Rohland
  • Smoczyk
  • Staron
  • Ciolkosz
  • Apostolos or Apostolopoulos

There are more, but these are the primary ones. If you have any info, please e-mail me.

Clark County WI History and Genealogy

I am heavily involved in the Clark County History and Genealogy Web site. I highly recommend you visit and see what can be accomplished by a dedicated group of volunteers. If you really like the site, why not consider donating... your time or your money!  Both are more than welcome.

I am also the webmaster for the town of Thorp and town of Withee pages at that web site, and have done some work with some of the cemeteries in those townships. Additionally, we have a very active Yahoo Group going, dealing with all things "Clark County."  If you want a rewarding hobby, why not consider joining us? No contribution is too small... your time, your information, your remembrances, or whatever you can contribute. It's all volunteer. Why don't you become one, too!


You can also find me at There are lots of great genealogy sources on the Web.  Family TreeMaker is one place to start.


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