St. Hedwig



St. Hedwig, Thorp, WI

There are actually two St. Hedwig's churches in Thorp, WI.  The one here is located in the country, about 2 or 3 miles directly east of Thorp. The church is now boarded up and no longer in use.  As a child, I remember attending Mass here many times.  My parents were married here in 1952, too.

Pictures of the Cemetery and Church:

  • This is a view of the church as it looks today. The doors face the road and the west.
  • After the church was closed, the bells were removed and hung outside, for all to see. This "new" bell tower sits near the church, on the grounds of the cemetery, which surround the church on 3 sides.
  • This is the plaque under the "new" bell tower.  It gives a brief history of St. Hedwig's church. 
  • This is another plaque under the "new" bell tower.  It is a testament to the founders and congregation of the church, and a testament to the present day determination to remember the past.
  • Finally, this a a view of an altar, located outdoors on the grounds of the cemetery itself.


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